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Last week I was creating a level editor for my game called Crazy Rocket, and I had to make a tile that is the same type, but still repeats that 5*11 tile big. Substance materials are procedurally generated assets, from technology developed by Allegorithmic.A 'substance' is basically a set of maps, defining a whole material with all channels: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Bump, etc. 3DS Max and Maya have substance support for rendering, but now with Unity implementation we can make use of them in real-time applications. 3. Create a Rule Tile (This is the only step that is different than regular Tilemapping): a) In the Project panel Assets folder, RightClick to choose: Create > 2D Extras > Tiles > Rule Tile. b) Name it for the intended material (like "RT_Road" for road art). c) In the Inspector: Below "Tiling Rules" hit the [+] button for each desired tile:. Mar 22, 2022 · Remove not material in slot 18, but remove slot 18. Manually, by hands, it can be done using this button: All objects that I need to remove slot from has the next mutuals: Contain "_lod" in the name; Have the same mesh, with the same GUID. I did not find how to get GUID of the given object, so the search, probably need to go by name..
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